Hi, I'm Aidan!

  • I'm a second year PhD student born in Virginia and studying at the University of Virginia.
  • I'm happily studying Natural Language Processing advised by Prof. Yangfeng Ji.
  • I'm grateful to be fully funded by the Dean's Scholar Fellowship (3 years) and the Distinguished Fellowship.
  • I'm currently working on Neural Sentence Ordering, but I have a strong interest in the interpretability of NLP models. I've also done research in Irony Detection.
  • I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science + Linguistics.


Email: aidan.w.sanPLEASEIGNORETHISPART@gmail.com


MOOC Concept Detection (Learning @ Scale - Demonstration Session 2020)
  • Detecting concepts (ie. Addition, Arithmetic, Calculus) in MOOC courses
  • Utilizes textbooks as training data
  • Concept Chunker - Uses IOB tagging to determine where multiword concept phrases start and end
  • 1 LSTM Hidden Layer (PyTorch)
  • Results on MOOC Lecture Dataset (Test): Accuracy: .933, F1: .62
  • ACM DL
  • GitHub

Irony Detection (SemEval 2018)
  • 2 Stacked LSTMs (Keras) which incorporate Emoji Embeddings and Sentiment Scores
  • Rank 6/31 (F1 score) for subtask B (multitask)
  • ACL Anthology
  • GitHub


Facebook SWE Intern (Summer18)
  • Language and Translation Technology Team (Applied Machine Learning Org.)
  • Used Python to improve translation data quality
  • Attended weekly translation reading group

  • Develop new course material about NLP topics
  • Logistic Regression, ANNs, Word Embeddings, Dependency Parsing

Space Chair of UVA CSGSG (Spring19-Present)
  • Help organizing events in the CS Lounge
  • Manage expenses for the CS Lounge

Cofounder of the UVA NLP Reading Group (Fall19-Spring20)
  • Organize paper presentations

Course Assistant for Datastructures - CS225 (Fall17-Fall18)